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Who We Are:

We help torch bearers show the path.

Sawmill Recordings was founded in 2017 for the sole purpose of helping artists record great music. Music is universal, made by every culture around the world under any circumstances for as long as we could hit a hollow log. It's as resilient as anything and is not bound by such folly as microphones, consoles, vacuum tubes, or phase coherence. It's about life. Life in all its absurdity, profundity, idiocy, genius, sexuality, transcendence and even the macabre, and the melancholy. It's about taking terrible risks, and the sensation of your heart leaping to your throat. It's about loosing everything and finding... well why don't you tell us? Our job is to capture you communicating all of these complexities and do our part to dress it up and take it out on the town.

Our 1,800 square foot facility in Holbrook Massachusetts is surrounded by a large, dense forest and stands equipped to deliver superlative results to any project at any time. Our team is comprised of people from many backgrounds and many are Berklee College of Music alumni. We've been in and out of studios our whole professional life and we've seen the weakest points of the process and what tends to go awry. Being artists in our own right also, we understand the hesitancy on the grounds of creative constraints and budget to put your work in someone else's hands. For this reason we practice the efficient capture, fine-tuning, and display of the creative process. If we can do it in a interesting or even novel way, so much the better. This combination of location, equipment, and expertise is all in service of your work. Our door is open, all you need to do is click the button, show up, and shake the world. 


After your session in the woods, leaving it all behind, you will be recalled to life but in so doing you will have forged the next link in humanity's understanding of itself. If you handle the art, we'll handle the technical aspects that no one wants to think about. This is our take on a business model that has been around since the 90s -- the 1890s. Recording studios are only worth what they create and who they help and we want to help you.

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