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Who We Are:

Sawmill Recordings is a professional project studio based out of the Boston Metro area that is entirely devoted to helping great people make amazing music on whatever budget is best for them.

Sawmill Recordings offers an acoustically-pleasing and comfortable work environment for your next demo, EP, LP, or photo/video shoot. Our 900 square foot facility is surrounded by a picturesque 112-acre forest and stands equipped to deliver superlative results to any project. It's an ideal location not only for recording at all hours, but also for allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life the better to let your creativity flourish and to make great-sounding, and long-lasting music.

Our team is comprised of passionate alumni from Berklee College of Music who are from varying stylistic and technical backgrounds. We are sincerely dedicated to the efficient capture, fine-tuning, and display of the creative process; and if we can do it in a interesting or even novel way, so much the better. We've been in and out of studios almost our entire career and we've seen what tends to go awry. Additionally, being artists in our own right, we know firsthand the common regrets and concerns artists have when they set out to record and we take active steps to prevent and address those. We take pride in our work and you will be able to as well.

This is our take on a business model that has been around since the 90s -- the 1890s, that is. Recording studios are nothing new, however, a studio in a position such as ours is, and our door is always open to anyone of any style and vision.

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